Investing in your Family and their memories!

When you start the journey of life and by that I mean, you get married,  have babies, celebrate an occasion or any event that might bring you to my studio I hope that its because you appreciate that you are doing so because you understand that you may not nail newborn photography without the help of a professional and probably won’t do the moment justice with your phone camera.

Dont get me wrong phone cameras are great and in some situations they are my weapon of choice!

However you cant take a beautiful  family portrait for example on your smart phone and blow it up to a high definition print at 60×40 and hang it on your wall for your friends to admire at and for family to look fondly at for years to come! 

I love my phone but I don’t ever print the images because I know if I want to go any bigger than the size of my hand I’m just going to cry in disappointment.

Theres another reason to appreciate and value the images you’ve invested in. There have been studies done that say children who grow up with photos of them self around the home grow up with more self worth . They are more confident and self assured.

Let me explain!

Imagine you are that parent that just never gets round to doing anything with the photos you take of your kids. Its not because you don’t want to! Its just that your not really sure what to do with them. Should I frame them or get a canvas? What room should i put them in? how big should i print them? where will i print them? who’s going to put them up for me? Do I want to spend a lot of money on a  frame I might get bored with! Im not sure what my style is!!! When we have decorated ill do it

I know all these excuses  because I’ve said them myself.

Now your son or daughter goes to best friends house. They’ve got pictures of best friend everywhere!!! Walls sideboards kitchen bedrooms! Wow ! Says your child they’re parents must really love them!!

See where I’m going with this?

Obviously you don’t love your kids less but you can see how something simple like putting them on the wall can make them feel like they are really important to you.

So when you decide to make the investment into having some image professionally  done please see it like that.  This is about a legacy you will leave your children.

It is an investment!

Ok, It might cost you the same as you paid for the pram you bought your baby

Or the same you paid for your tv

Maybe if you added up the amount you spent on takeaways and meals out over two months it would be the same 

It could be a pair of  shoes or a handbag 

the point is you are investing in your memories , your future and your past 

In 10 or 20 years you wont look through old photos and say oh my god I loved those shoes so very much and miss them greatly  or ahhh that pram was amazing but you will look at the images and clutch them with every ounce of your soul and remember that time and those little faces or the picture of your parents cradling you in their arms and be ever thankful that They saw the foresight to invest in your future and leave you a set of images that you will be eternally grateful for. It’s not until you lose someone close to you that you really appreciate the power of a photograph.

Invest in your memories and know that it will never be worthless and always  priceless! 

newborn family photography in Caterham surrey


One thought on “Investing in your Family and their memories!

  1. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful blog. It’s really made me think about how important it is to get those frames on the wall!

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