Business head shots for Warlingham’s fitness instructor

Last week I went over to the very nicely refurbished Farleigh golf club in Warlingham. I was there to meet my  friend and fitness instructor Lindsay.

Lindsay runs Total Body Fitness and has done for many years now. She’s pretty well known around Warlingham and caterham for her fitness classes and the Bootcamps she runs every few months.

We met there as Lindsay has stated to run a few of her classes from there and I was trying to grab her for a few quick headshots for her business before her class started.


As a business owner its really important to have a good picture of yourself (and your team if you have one.) on your website and your social media pages. No one wants to talk to a logo!  It’s good for  potential  customers to know who they are talking to on the phone or emailing.



2016-06-01_0001At the beginning of May I re-took the bootcamp challenge. This was my third time!

It’s  a three week programme that consists of regular exercise classes and following her strict clean eating  detox. Like all changes to our diets the first week can be tough but by the end of the three weeks you will feel like a new person. I personally lost a total of 11.5 inches and 15 lbs. Not bad for three weeks eh?

The best thing about bootcamp is the encouragment you get from lindsay and her team. The daily emails offering you words of encouragment and helpful hints and facts about the diet really help .


Some of the delicious food you can eat.

Lindsay then offers a maintenance programme for after the three weeks and very sensibly suggests you adopt this form of lifestyle on a 20/80 percentage rate. Thats eating clean for 80% of the week and relax and have what you love for the other 20%. Keeping up the exercise aswell of course 🙂

So Thats what I’m trying to do! I guess its time really as i’m turning 40 this year!!!!

So… If you want to shed a few inches, get fit and find a new way of eating that will keep the lbs off contact Lindsay,

And if you want some beautiful headshots for your business, then contact me 🙂

Thanks for reading, Im off for a glass of wine now! (not really 🙂


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