What to wear to a photo session

Co-ordinating your clothes for a photo session is key to a gallery of photos your going to be pleased with. It really can make or break the final look of your images.

There’s no set colour scheme thats right or wrong but keeping tones co-ordinated and using a colour palette that works for you and also make sure your comfortable.

A session will often involve getting down on the floor so you need to be able to move in your clothes.

A studio session is also best done in bare feet. Shoes can look clumpy and formal and socks are usually in different colors and can be distracting in the images.

Also consider the style of clothing, do you want casual? romantic? vintage?

Ive put together a pinterest board of ideas and inspiration for you to look at

click here for inspiration

If your session is just for your children then its even easier.

simple and neutral white dresses are always good for girls. chinos and shorts for boys.

Try to avoid t-shirts with prints on. keep them plain, bright colours can look  great too but

If your planning on hanging these pictures on walls in your house , have a think about your colour schemes. If you have a very neautral style at home you may want to keep your  pictures the same or you may wantt o use the images to add a splash of colour?

Lastly Bring a selection! Im happy to have outfit changes and we can decide whats best once you get there if your not sure.




One thought on “What to wear to a photo session

  1. Thanks for this Sarah, I need some inspiration for our upcoming session! Right off to the wardrobe I go to see what we can wear!

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