Why Newborn photography?

I started my child bearing years quite young, I was 22 when my partner and I decided to have our first child, we had our first mortgage and were settling in to grown up life very nicely. Charlie was born and I was forever taking photographs of him. Back then in 1999 it was all on film and so I’d rush to the chemist to get my next roll of film developed. 5 years later Maisie came along and digital had arrived for the average consumer.  It was the birth of Maisie that led me to wanting to get some newborn photos done! However I couldn’t afford the guy that I had seen in several places and so decided (classic) that I would buy my own camera and do it myself!!!!!!!  What was I thinking? She was about 6 months old by the time I got my first SLR. I had no idea how to use it and the results are really quite hilarious!  but well you make your own mind up! epic fail!


Over the next few years I  upgraded my camera to a super-duper one, shot a few weddings and mainly did family photography in people’s homes. However I wasnt making any money and times were hard so I had to say bye-bye to my beloved 5d and give it all up. Then when Maisie was 4 and a half we had Poppy  🙂  our third and last child and I had no camera except my original SLR. I started to see all these amazing photos of newborn babies from the states and there was where my new passion was born. So new camera, new business and lots of training followed!

However with all three babies the only professional photos I ever had done were in a high street store with my first and well lets just say I never went back there. They were awful!

For some people it’s not something they think about until the baby is a few weeks old, which is fine but you will find many photographers won’t photograph a newborn over two weeks old so it’s always best to book in when your pregnant and still half awake 🙂

So if there’s one thing I would do different now is that with so much choice now for newborn photography I would most definitely document this all to quickly passing tiny stage in their life properly.

They grow so fast and although at the time you think you are going to remember every tiny detail, you really don’t. Before you know it you are in ore of the next stage, their smiles, their giggles, their first steps and words and those early days are just a tired blur of sleepless nights and visitors.

Invest in your memories, you won’t regret it!



For more information about booking a newborn session or just to find out a bit more contact me via my  website www.sweetpeaphotography.co.uk

To read more about newborn photography safety read this blog.


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