1 year Cake Smash in Caterham

So Cake smashes have really taken off in the UK. An opportunity to give your birthday girl or boy a big and beautiful cake and let them get stuck in while we photograph the whole experience for you. Of course, they dont always go to plan and quite often the session is acompanied with a few tears and bewilderment so I would always tell parents to consider whether they think their baby will actually enjoy such an experience before they book up.

Last week we had little Lydia in our Caterham studio, just a few days before her 1st birthday. The session started with a few bubbles to get her in the mood and take her mind of her rotten cold but as soon as the cake came out she really got stuck in and enjoyed it. I think she liked the pink icing best. Cake by Nicola Knight cakes


IMG_2009-1 IMG_2043-1 IMG_2068-1 IMG_2105-1 IMG_2111-1 IMG_2119-1 IMG_2150-1 IMG_2157

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