Milk Break!!

Two weeks ago I photographed 15 month old twins and their older brother. Ive decided do do a little blog on them to show parents who may be thinking of having some proffesional photos done that you shouldn’t worry if you think it probably won’t be easy sailing because it very often isn’t!!

Charlie quite enjoyed the enviroment and settled in really quickly but Harry his twin was having none of it and the only picture we got of the two of them in their sailor outfits was within the first few shots of a two hour session. He quickly realised he did’nt like this and was’nt going to play along. A little later on the boys started to waiver and a milk break was in order. I know these arnt pictures that will be pride of place on your wall but how lovely are they and just really symbolise what be 15 months is all about. I also just wanted to show you as reassurance that with any photo session (time permitting) its always a good idea to let the children take a break and hopefully they will feel more relaxed and less anxious about this new situation they have found themselves in.

ImageImage Image

After a change of clothes the boys started to have a bit of fun! Mostly aided by Mum and Dad dancing and singing around the studio! (Always prepare yourself that it may come to this) But also the addition of some plastic balls and a rocking horse. Charlie sat on the horse aided for safety by dad which of course doesn’t make a great picture but with a little skill and a lot of photoshop we get the before and after before, closely followed by Their big brother Freddie. So I guess the moral of the story is that no matter how difficult you think it will be to capture beautiful images of your children, If you stay relaxed and have a bit of fun with it you should be pretty pleased with the results!!






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